National Pet Culture Effect on Boynton Beach Home Sales

No sooner has Sunday’s Super Bowl brouhaha begun to fade from public attention than another mega-sporting event prepares its entrance. This one will draw less Supercharged ratings, but that doesn’t mean it won’t claim equally rapt attention in many Boynton Beach households. Next week will see the celebration of America’s beloved four-footed athletes: the Westminster Dog Show—since 1877, the pinnacle of American canine achievement (considerably more important than Sunday’s Puppy Bowl).

This year, the proceedings will expand to four days—the culmination of which will be next Tuesday’s Best in Show finale, televised from Madison Square Garden. You can bet that scads of Boynton Beach TVs will tune in to see which of the canine contestants (alongside their two-legged handlers) earn Top Dog honors. Many Boynton Beach dog show fanciers will be able to avoid the expensive outing to Manhattan by attending the proceedings from right here—streaming all the early stages, breed-by-breed, via

The growing national fascination (and infatuation) with canines has repercussions that touch upon Boynton Beach home sales. Last spring, Realtor Magazine focused on pets as “Real Estate Influencers”—noting that pet ownership is booming throughout the land to such an extent that now a full third of pet-owning clients will often (“or maybe very often”) refuse to make offers on homes that aren’t ideal for their four-legged friends.

The takeaway for Boynton Beach homeowners whose properties have pet-friendly attributes is not to be shy about promoting them. The numbers support that conclusion. With 70% of households now counting dogs or cats as family members (that’s up a full 50% from a generation ago!), it’s hard to argue with that proposition. If your home has a promotable attribute—like a laundry room that can be a pet washing station, or a spacious, well-fenced yard—the numbers indicate it could be a difference-maker for some prospective buyers.

If you are preparing to put your own property on the market, crafting persuasive descriptions of its fine points as they appear in the Boynton Beach listings and supporting presentation materials will be pivotal. Call me!

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