History of New Year’s Resolutions Hard to Find

Delray Beach New Year’s Eve partygoers will be taking part in one of the most ancient of human rites—one that dates back thousands of years. New Year’s resolutions probably started about the same time, but there aren’t any traces of them (not surprising, when you consider that all traces of most New Year’s resolutions disappear entirely before Groundhogs Day).

If one of your own resolutions is to become a more knowledgeable New Year’s Eve partygoer (or even just to be better prepared to break awkward silences), the following New Year’s historical facts could come in handy:

  • Ancient Babylonians hosted the first known New Year’s Eve parties (back around 2000 BC).
  • The Romans celebrated New Year’s Day on March 1.
  • Auld Lang Syne is Scottish for “times gone by.”
  • The Times Square ball drop features Waterford Crystal triangles that change every year (for 2020, the pattern is called “The Gift of Goodwill”).
  • The last place to celebrate the New Year is Baker Island (it’s in the South Pacific).

On the other hand, if you’re one of those Delray Beach New Year’s Eve partygoers whose New Year’s resolution is to be less of a know-it-all, keeping these New Year’s trivia to yourself could get you off to a better start.

In any case, on a much more serious note, this Wednesday marks the opening of a whole new decade—one that bears multiple signs of a decidedly prosperous future. If your year will include Delray Beach real estate dealings, I’ll be here to ensure they follow through on the promising beginning. Do call!

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